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Monday, 23 June 2014

How To Succumb Sweet Temptation

Additionally, you can even say that you are forced to admit there are some sugar circumstances, because he is already present in most modern desserts. But it's fixable, I'll teach you exactly how to do so, to apply them with minimal damage.
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For example, if you want to succumb to such a sweet temptation and eat a dessert with sugar, then, of course, you cannot just drink coffee with sugar. And in general, my advice to you: try to always drink coffee without sugar and you just lose weight yourself some small niche - to eat a dessert, containing the same sugar. But it is better to stand to death: because sugar - its poison and try to treat it just likes poison! However, this is the most severe and rigid taboos, and that will hang over you. All other laws, of course, will be more liberal.
And now I am waiting for your specific question: what, for example, be with honey? It's completely natural product, and not rectified, can be and here I hasten to disappoint you - because of the glycemic index of honey is 90, which means honey - a "bad" carbohydrate.
However, if it is really you just registered as a medicine that then so be it - but still no more than one teaspoon per day, and then only after carbohydrate breakfast, which I hope you have become accustomed.

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